At iMindsoft one of core values and principals is the application of technology to our client's business models. As a result we have been and will continue to develop proprietary workflow technologies and automation tools that can be utilized to increase productivity, quality of work, and provide the data, information, and the business intelligence that allow us and our clients to be "more knowledgeable".

These platforms increase our clients' visibility into their data, automate their processes, streamline workflow and provide business intelligence to enhance the decision making process. They improve efficiency and scalability while enhancing quality and providing the knowledge required for our clients to maintain their competitive advantage.

We offer cost-effective technical solutions that are designed to lower operations costs, enhance a patient's experience, and maximize revenue. By using technology as an enabler, our clients are increasingly seeing more benefits in better supporting their business challenges. Our technology platforms have been designed to cover all aspects of Healthcare Payment Businesses.

Core development function also constitutes a dedicated testing team which contributes extensively on Functional, Regression and load testing as and when a customization is done on the application.